Pushing the Boundaries of Experiential Learning

Based in Kathmandu, Nepal, 85°East is a new kind of internship experience built on students’ individual learning goals.  We firmly believe that there is no substitute for practical, real-world learning, and through our partnership with the Himanchal Education Foundation and National Innovation Center Nepal, we provide an academic structure to meaningful internships that fit each student’s interests. 

Whether you are a college computer science major looking to see how improved web design can aid NGO work,  an engineering major eager to design affordable technologies for rural communities, or an aspiring conservationist keen to observe first-hand how Nepal is protecting its few remaining tigers, we can help you hit the ground running. Our local partners are on the leading edge of social innovation and development; come and join them as they push Nepal into the 21st century. 

85°East supports you, academically and socially, throughout your experience

Many—if not most—internships abroad fail to provide the academic and contextual support that is necessary to cultivate real, lasting changes in a student’s understanding of the world and of themselves.  While we consider our seminars the key piece that sets us apart from other programs, 85°E supports students in numerous other ways as well. 

85°East and National Innovation Center Nepal

Looking for a summer  internship?  We can set you up with a reputable organization that aligns with your interests, whether it's in urban housing, rural conservation, or anything in between.

Intrigued by international development work?  Our partner organization, National Innovation Center Nepal has invested in hydropower projects, educational initiatives, and programs to expand access to internet and medical care. No matter what you want to do, 85°East and the National Innovation Center can find a project for you. 

Have a great idea for academic research?  Whether you want to study politics, technology, environmental history, or something else entirely, 85°East and the Himanchal Education Foundation can find you a translator and get you connected with communities and resources on the ground. 

Looking for a culturally immersive, technical working experience? Nearly all of our partners are looking for computer scientists, marketing majors, social media-savvy publicists, and graphic designers. If you're great with with online marketing or looking to put your coding skills to good use, you will have many options when deciding where you want to work this summer.


Our  partnerships give us a unique window  into the world of NGO development work. Whether it's engineering, education,  ecotourism or technology, we draw on these connections to give students a real taste of the work environment of Nepal


Summer 2017 - Open Learning Exchange Nepal


At Open Learning Exchange Nepal, an organization that creates interactive educational software, trains teachers, and develops meaningful technological infrastructure for rural Nepal, our 2017 interns designed English language lesson modules and worked with the OLE development team to reorganize their back end software framework. They also joined their coworkers for weekly fustal (small-field soccer) games, raised money for local organizations in a 50k Kathmandu bike ride,  and explored the city. 

"One of the most valuable things I learned at my time in Nepal was what it was like to a programmer on a development team. To learn from experienced software developers and systems architects about writing robust code and providing good documentation has been invaluable." 

-Melech, Davidson College 2019

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Why Do We Value Experiential Learning?

  The world needs people who who are willing to listen closely and think critically about the particular needs and situations of the populations they wish to serve,  and 85°East places a high value on experiential learning (i.e. learning via direct access to/engagement with your subject) because we know there is a limit to what theory can teach you. 

Our hope is that, armed with a practical understanding of Nepal’s politics, culture, history, and development status, you will think more deeply and critically about the theory you are learning in class, and apply it in a useful way to your future development and entrepreneurship work.