Our Program

Our Summer 2018 program is designed to give students the freedom to pursue a creative independent project or internship while still providing a framework for academic and personal growth.  Students attended our regular, structured seminars to explore the the impact of their experiences on their assumptions, ideas, prejudices, and intellectual frameworks. 

Summer 2018

Our Summer 2018 program is 70% project-based and 30% structured academic work, meaning that approximately 70% of the students’ time here will be spent working on or in preparation for their independent project or internship. This individual project or internship will be based entirely on each student’s expressed interests, and will be designed and approved prior to their arrival in Kathmandu.

The remainder of the students’ time will be spent learning and thinking about Nepal’s particular challenges, and the challenges that developing countries face all over the world.  Students will engage in regular seminars and group discussions, complete a small amount of reading, and attend scheduled lectures by Nepali entrepreneurs and journalists. We feel that this multifaceted academic approach, in conjunction with their independent projects, will allow students to develop a deeper understanding of and appreciation for the intricacies and challenges of living and working in Nepal.

 Our summer program will run from approximately June 4th - August 10th, 2018. Exact dates are partially dependent on student projects. Once all students have been accepted and schedules finalized, we will arrange the seminars to make sure all students benefit equally from the overall academic experience. The full summer will cost 2500USD and includes all living expenses (housing, food, laundry, and internet access) and a basic orientation to introduce students to the Kathmandu valley.